Pebbles & Rocks Work Great in Landscaping

If you are looking for landscaping ideas, you should consider using pebbles and rocks. With the use of pebbles and rocks, you create a landscaping theme that stands out from the rest and provides you with a low maintenance ground cover. Your local landscape expert has the knowledge and materials to transform your outdoor space into amazing beauty.

Deciding to create new areas in your current landscape or starting with a new area to care for, you should consult a professional landscaper to find out how you can incorporate rocks and pebbles into your theme. As expert landscapers, we have knowledge in soil, biology, engineering, and art that all play a part in putting together a landscape that is functional, beautiful, and lasting. Talk to someone in the landscaping business about some of these great ideas to create a new look for your yard.

Control Your Grass

Rock borders are a great way to control the spreading of your grass areas. When you create a border of rocks between your lawn and home, the rocks will prevent rainwater from splattering against your house, and they help control the grass from spreading. When grass grows to close to your house, it makes it difficult to cut. By placing a border between your lawn area and any structures on your property, you make grass cutting simpler. This rock area also serves as a great place to grow colorful flowers or green shrubbery.

Use Pebbles to Create a Water Scene

When you place small pebbles in a circular area in your yard area and place larger rocks around them, you create an image of a peaceful water scene. The combination of these rocks and pebbles along with short shrubs will evoke a view of a quiet, calm section of a small lake. Finding some unique water-fowl statues to place among the setting will complete your imagery and give you an outstanding section of landscaping.

Build a Retaining Wall with Rocks

Having a retaining wall made from rocks gives your area a natural look as they transform hilly or uneven slopes into flat regions that are more manageable to cut. These walls are also incredibly durable and can withstand all types of weather as well as being eco-friendly. Rock retaining walls are also a natural solution to keep soil in place and give you structural support if you have areas prone to erosion.

Rocks work very well to build a retaining wall. To make this type of wall takes a lot of muscle and some know-how about stacking and slanting the rock to sustain years of stability. You should seek the advice and possibly the labor of a professional landscaping company who is familiar with creating natural-material walls.

Pebbles and Rocks Make Creative Lines

Using pebbles can create simple lines between the area where your shrubs and flowers grow along the house and your yard. Along the edge, you can place larger rocks randomly to give a more natural look to the landscape. A simple curving line made from a bed of pebbles along with the use of larger rocks for decor will give your landscape a stunning effect.

Use Rocks to Make Art Out of Your Landscape

If you have a slope in your yard, this area works fantastically to add some 'art' to your landscape. Place some rocks strategically along the slope and scatter plants randomly inside the area. This placement will give your landscape an 'art deco look' and help hold your soil in place. These rock areas work well in areas that are sloped and tend to wash out when it rains.

Many areas in California are threatened by erosion. Talk to your landscaper if this is an issue in your yard. They are able to work with a variety of materials, including rocks and pebbles to prevent any further loss of your valuable soil.

Create a 'Harvest' Effect

You can create a 'harvest' effect to a border area of your yard. Selecting rocks of different sizes, shapes, and color will appear as though you've been 'harvesting' them from a variety of areas. Your local landscaper carries a variety of rocks that will work perfectly in creating this theme to your landscape.

You can also use the rocks on top of a pebble bed to stack or build a pile that appears as a natural outcropping of rocks. Place small flowers or shrubs inside the rocks to finish off the natural effect.

Use Rocks and Pebbles Where Grass Won't Grow

A lot of yards have areas that can't grow grass. The space around trees are often bare and make nice areas to place a bed of pebbles or to place large rocks. Using rocks and pebbles around bare areas in your yard provides you an alternative look to your landscape where you can build beautiful, colorful rock gardens.

Build a Rock Stairway

With the use of large slab-like rocks, you can build a beautiful natural-looking stairway. Place a bed of pebbles down and embed slabs of rock up to your front entry or porch and you will have a unique stairway to your home. Along the slabs of rock, you can plant flowers and shrubs to accent your landscape.

Build Rock Stepping Stones

Small rocks placed in circular formation make unusual stepping stones. Cement the rocks in place inside the circle form, or leave them loose in case you need to move at some point. You can build these stepping stone pathways to any area inside your yard.

Rocks Make Great Accents to Your Landscape

You can add great looking rocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors along the borders to your yard. The use of white rocks is an excellent way to set off other colors in your landscape and provide a visual variety.

Use Rocks Where You Want to Retain Moisture

If you have to pay for water, you can appreciate creating an area that will retain moisture and allow you to water less. Small rocks used around your shrubs, trees, and flower beds will help you keep your soil moisture up and reduce the number of times you need to water. The small rocks will allow the water to find its way down to the roots of your plants and protect it from evaporating so quickly from the sun's UV rays.

Use Rocks and Pebbles to Create Borders

Make your flowers and shrubs stand out by circling them with a ground cover of pebbles. You can make the borders in a variety of shapes to accent your plants and place rocks around them to create an amazing border effect to any area in your yard. You can also make short walls around taller plants for an even better look.

Rock Fire Pit and Seats

Rock work great to build a safe and useable fire pit in your landscape. Taking some larger rocks to make a circular fire pit will invite guests to find a spot around the fire and beg to have a marshmallow to roast. Larger rocks with flat tops can finish off the area as seats for those enjoying the warmth of the flames on those cool evenings.

Hold Back Erosion

Large flat rocks work great in sloping yards and areas where you are concerned about erosion. These rocks not only look natural and provide an eye-pleasing effect to your landscape, but they also hold back eroding soil. These rocks do not even require cement to hold them in place if stacked correctly. Consult with your local landscape company for the right type of rock and directions on how to place

Rocks Used as Simple Yard Decor

Rocks have a unique quality about them in that there are so many varieties with their shape, size, color, and textures. Using rocks is a great way for you to add decor to your landscape and break up large sections of garden or grassy areas. Scattering them about the area gives it a more natural look and feel to your landscape as well.

Rocks can Divide Your Landscape Areas

Rocks help in sloping areas to prevent erosion, and they also keep soil intact when used around flower beds or driveways. The rocks hold the ground from running away during rains or when you have to water. Create a barrier of rocks anywhere you want to separate areas such as your driveway from your lawn or your flower bed from your sidewalk.

Use Rocks to Divert Water

If you encounter problems with water running into areas you don't want it to such as your basement or other areas of your yard, you can use rocks to create a diversion of the water source. Taking slabs and stacking them by your downspout can turn your run-off water into a beautiful waterfall. You can then direct the water directly to plants that need its benefits.

Create Rock Furniture

Rocks make great natural furniture in your landscape. Building steps and benches out of rocks not only gives your landscape a natural look, but you also have pieces that will virtually last forever. Rock lasts for ages, and as it ages, it attains a new beauty that will continue improving the look of your landscape.

Rock Garden Borders Reduce Weeds

If you want to add a border to your grassy areas or around shrubs and flower beds, a layer of pebbles along with some mulch work great and will reduce the number of weeds that can grow in your landscape. By laying a circular (or any shape of preference) around these areas, you take up space that weeds would otherwise try to take over. Replacing grass sections with mulch and pebbles also reduces the space requiring water.

Rocks and Pebbles Add Uniqueness and Variety

Rocks and pebbles have a multitude of shades and colors. You can add a unique look to your landscape with the different choices available. You can also add a variety of setups to your yard by separating rock slabbed areas with a stream of pebbles running through them.

Create a sitting area with beige colored slabs; for instance, run a large oval-shaped area filled with dark pebbles along the edge, and on the other side of the pebbles lay down a different shade of slabs for a walkway. When you add shrubbery inside the pebbled area, you have given your landscape a stunning touch of color.

Colored Rock Combinations Create Unique Landscapes

Grey is a common color of rocks used in landscaping, but the choice is a personal one and can be coordinated with structures in your yard. Choosing a dark colored rock to build an entryway or walkway inside your landscape looks beautiful when offset with larger white rocks placed randomly alongside. White stones also offer a nice offset to an area that has been mulched.

Your outdoor landscape says a lot about you or your company, and with the use of stones and pebbles, you'll create a cleaner, more comfortable effect. Contact your local landscape company for more ideas and materials to transform your yard into a stunning landscape.