If you want to maximize your outdoor space, make your surroundings beautiful and increase the appeal and value of your home, then you cannot ignore the aspect of landscaping. The use of flagstone for your landscape will not only bring a relaxing feel to your space but also create a natural look and feel to your home.

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Flagstones are large slabs or tiles of a unique nature. They are slightly larger than the slab stones, and they have a naturally aged appearance. Their old look makes them perfect for country cottages and bungalows. However, if the landscaping is done correctly, the flagstone also blends with modern furniture of the townhouses and the more contemporary settings.

Flagstones are made from splitting different layers of sedimentary rocks. You can cut them into different shapes and sizes depending on the landscaping project and the look you are hoping to achieve. Flagstones are smooth to work with since they are flat and naturally thin.  They come in different colors depending on the region they are obtained since they are natural stones.

Easy Landscaping Ideas with Flagstone

Natural stone can make a good cover for almost all your outdoor landscaping needs; its low maintenance, and antique look helps you draw different landscaping designs for your living space. Flagstones can be installed directly on the solid or over a layer of gravel, depending on the nature of your subsoil. Some of the most popular applications for flagstone include:

Stone Pathways

Pathways are entrance points that link different parts of your property. The use of flagstones for walkways is a traditional and charming idea, especially when done with the smooth stones. Planting ground vegetation to cover around these flagstone pathways brings out a natural feel to your home. Always ensure that the choice of stone color and shape complements the other parts of your home.

Poolside landscape

Doing the flagstones in different textures, colors, and shapes is a great pool landscaping technique. Its non-slip surface, heat, and moisture resistance makes it a durable and ideal material to use around your pool area. Besides using flagstones for the poolside décor and landscaping, flagstones help to create pool inlays that bring out the natural look from inside the pool.

Entryway Hardscapes

To enhance the look of your home entry, you can choose to use flagstone hardscape. For a maximum effect, these stones could help to design steps, planters, and other architectural details. A flagstone entry is a simple upgrade for your home’s exterior and can turn your doorway into an appealing entrance to your home.

Garden Steps

If flagstone steps are built correctly on your garden, they create an organic feel that lasts for a long time. When using the thinner stones, you will need to apply mortar to stick the pieces together for a more stable and safe structure. It would be best to hire a landscaping expert to do the work for you, especially if your land is sloppy. This is because both family and guests frequently visit gardens, thus, poorly done flagstones can cause an accident in that area.

Outdoor patios and fire pits

Besides the ground cover for your patio, you can use flagstones to create features such as fireplaces into your entertainment area and outdoor spaces. An outdoor fire pit surrounded by flagstones brings an attractive and safe feeling for your outdoor space.

The use of Flagstone is an easy and quick way to upgrade your patio and fireplace since not much expertise is required. The stones can be laid in regular or irregular patterns to suit different projects and blend in well with your home.

Besides building the fireplace, you can create a sitting area by stacking the flagstones together. This would be a nice touch to compliment your patio and fireplace and is easy to put together.

Types of Flagstone you Can Use for Your Landscaping Needs

Landscaping your living space using natural stones like flagstones can be expensive. However, there isn’t a better way to create a natural and beautiful surface than using flagstones. With the help of an experienced landscape expert, you will be able to analyze the different types of flagstones that exist and which one would fit your landscaping needs to meet your desired look. Some of the varieties of flagstones available include;

  • Sandstone

The sandstone is a type of flagstone which originates from southern Arizona and is formed from sand layers. The sandstone comes in different colors to suit all landscaping projects around your home. The sandstone stays cool even during summer; hence, it is best suited for your walkways, patios, and driveways.

  • Bluestone

This variety of flagstone is often found in New York, and its color ranges from blue-grey to purple. The bluestone can easily be cut into different shapes and sizes to fit different designs around your home. However, when you decide to use this flagstone for landscaping, you must seal it to preserve its color and protect your surface from scratching and staining.

  • Limestone

This is a light colored flagstone with a natural split surface which makes it easy to polish. Limestone paved areas are very durable since this material holds in most weather conditions making it an easy choice to use.

  • Travertine

Travertine comes in white and gold colors. When deciding to use it for your outdoor landscaping, you can use a pitted surface to increase the grip and avoid slip accidents on your outdoor surfaces. Although it is difficult to maintain, travertine flagstone is durable and stays cool when used for indoor surfaces.

  • Slate

Slate is a kind of flagstone layered up with clay. It is available in almost all colors of the rainbow making it perfect to blend with all other landscaping patterns around your home. Slate can be easily shaped, thus, it is ideal for both walling and flooring.

However, if the slate is the flagstone of choice for your landscaping design, you should ensure that the surface does not support heavy weights since the slate is easily prone to breaking.

  • Quartzite

This variety of flagstone is a metamorphosed rock with a smooth surface that makes it look more like mica. Most common colors of quartzite are grey and gold. Since this is a hard stone, it is very sturdy and has excellent resistance to wear and tear besides its endurance to rain and chemicals.

However, its hardness makes it difficult to shape and requires regular cleaning and maintenance to avoid staining.

How to Lay Your Flagstones

There are two main ways which you can use to place you flagstone to come up with a desired design and feel of your compound. You can either use the mortared or the dry-laid flagstone. Mortared flagstone can be used if you are looking for a permanent and long-lasting set up for your outdoor space.

For the installation of mortared flagstone, each piece of stone is laid on a wet mortar base made of sand and gravel or a concrete slab. The joints between the rocks are filled with additional mortar to ensure a compact and durable structure.

Dry laid flagstone, on the other hand, involves placing the pieces of stone on the gravel base in the desired pattern and then filling the joint spaces with natural materials such as planted green ground cover.

What are the Benefits of Using Flagstone for your Landscape?

Some home renovations are frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. This may end up not giving you the look and feel you want for your living space. However, well-done aspects of your compound including walkways, driveways, and pool sides can make a difference to the look of your home.

The flagstone is a different and versatile stone that is perfect for any hardscape project. The ancient and natural look of flagstones blends in nicely with all kinds of living spaces by matching the rural aspects of your cottages and providing a cozy feel for your townhomes. Here are some of the advantages of using the flagstone for landscaping around your home or commercial premise

  1. The natural look

The primary advantage flagstone has over other paving materials is its unique appearance. Flagstones provide a more luxurious feel compared to other manufactured paving materials. Flagstone fits in well with other natural aspects of your landscape such as green gardens and pools. This stone adds beauty and appeal to any landscape project in your home since there will always be a perfect flagstone variety for all the designs you choose.

The natural look provided by each variety of flagstone provides uniqueness to your spaces; hence there won’t be a repetition of pattern. However, you can plant moss and other ground covers around the flagstone-paved floors for an inviting and relaxing feel of your living space.

  1. Safety

When deciding on the material to use for landscaping around your home, safety is a crucial element to consider. Flagstone pavers have a non-slip surface, hence, are safe to use around your pool area and on your walkways. The smother varieties of flagstone can be pitted to create more grips when used in the outdoor setting. This makes it safe even during the rainy seasons.

  1. Durability

Flagstones are not only slip-resistant but also resist breakage when exposed to heat, water, and heavy usage. The rock is not easily damaged by termites, pests or chemicals, providing to be more beneficial than other stones to achieve a beautiful look.

This paving material is acid resistant and can be laid directly on the soil regardless of the type. Landscape elements made of flagstone are guaranteed to stay in good condition for up to 30 years, saving more money as compared to other less durable paving materials.

  1. Flexibility

Flagstone is one of the thinnest paving materials and can be easily modified and manipulated to different shapes according to the nature of your landscaping project. Besides, flagstone comes in different colors and varieties. This makes it perfect for any landscaping idea you might have. Additionally, you can lay your flagstone as a solid surface or use individual stones to allow growth of vegetation in between; this creates a unique design for your outdoor space.

  1. Low maintenance cost

Due to its durability and endurance to different circumstances, flagstone has a low maintenance cost compared to other paving materials. Flagstone floors and walls require very little upkeep and in case of damage, the stone is also more comfortable to walk on. These properties make flagstone a preferred choice for many architects and landscapers.

  1. Easy availability and installation

Unlike the case with other rare types of decoration stones, flagstone is readily available. With the help of your landscaper, you will be able to choose the flagstone that meets your design needs from the vast variety of shapes and colors. You can consult a landscaping agent near you, to get better information on the upcoming flagstone trends to ascertain perfect results. The agents are also privy to trusted suppliers who provide quality flagstones at affordable prices.

Flagstone is simple to work with may not require expert services for installation. In case of any damages, you can do the replacement without incurring the extra cost of hiring a professional to do it for you. Still, you have to consult a landscaper to help in choosing the best flagstone for your landscaping needs.

How Can I Get a Landscaper for My Flagstone Project Near Me?

Adding flagstones to your landscape design provides you with a great way to upgrade different areas of your garden. For example, flagstones ease accessibility to your yard through the well-done pathways and driveways. However, for correct choice and installation of landscaping materials to suit your home, you may require the services of an expert landscaper. This is what we offer at The Landscape Expert to all home and property owners throughout Orange County, California. We invite you to contact our Orange County landscaper at 714-855-3479 for a free consultation.