When you are getting ready to invest in upgrading your landscaping, before you make a decision on who to entrust with the task, it only makes sense you would have a number of important questions to ask first.

At the Landscape Expert, we understand that and we always take the time to answer all your landscape-related questions.

    Here are answers to 18 of the most commonly asked questions and concerns our past clients have had. But if you're question is not addressed here, feel free to call us directly for an answer at 714-855-3479 or to find out more by perusing our service pages elsewhere on this website.

Yes. We can handle every aspect of your landscape project from beginning to end, including the design phase. We take the time to listen to you and catch your vision for your outdoor spaces and then help you find the best way to bring it to life.

We can work with you through multiple different design possibilities so you can compare them and choose the one you like best. Also, we can give you exposure to what others have done with their lots to provideyou ideas. And even if you're not ready to go on to the actually implementation stage, we can still work with you on design.

Yes - we have photo galleries of our past completed landscaping projects viewable on this website. We are proud of what we've accomplished for others in the past, and we can create a no less beautiful, practical outdoor area for you.

A picture says a thousand words more emphatically with a thing like landscaping than in most situations - after all, a good part of the success of landscape projects is the overall visual effect. Therefore, we give you a good look at what we can do and can create computerized "virtual" previews of what your landscape will look like too.

We not only give you a free, no obligation consultation when you first call use, but we can give you a free, no obligation, accurate quote as well. We can do that over the phone for many services, but for a more precise quote it may require an on-site assessment of your property.

We will explain to you the factors that are affecting the price, and we can give you options that may be able to lower it based on materials used and the specific way the project is done. Our bill will always detail exactly what you pay for, and we keep our prices highly competitive.

In short, we have more experience and a deeper knowledge of all aspects of the landscaping industry than most other companies. Plus, we have a solid reputation for putting the highest degree of quality into our work and leaving our clients 100% satisfied.

We also work more closely with our customers to customize every aspect of their project, to schedule project times that work for you, and to keep you fully updated on progress and ourselves easily contactable if you need to make any changes.

The Landscape Expert will always do everything possible to accommodate you on getting started as early as we can on your project. That said, some seasons are busier than others and it's possible there could sometimes be a slight delay. Other times, we may be able to start some aspects of your project immediately while others need at least a little time to get the materials ordered in and everything fully organized and ready to go.

Certainly, we will work with you to schedule your project start date on a day that is convenient to you. And we can also schedule later work days only when you are at home, if you wish, in case you want to see the project progress step by step.

Yes, we are ready to work on your landscaping project any time of year. Whether winter, summer, spring, or fall, we are on the job. There are some plants that may be best planted during particular seasons, and certain plants aren't even available at different points in the year - but for the most part, there are very few limitations that are seasonally based.

Don't hesitate to contact us because of the season or the weather. We know how to work around all of that in the most efficient manner possible and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time with excellent, enduring outcomes.

Yes - we have deep experience in both residential and commercial landscape projects. We have helped boost the curb appeal of many Orange County business properties, which has made their locations much more attractive to new customers.

And we have increased the property value of residential properties through sculpting the landscape for both aesthetic appeal and practical usefulness.

The Landscape Expert is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for any and all landscaping services in California. And we also have builder's licenses that allow us to take care of construction projects (like for pergolas, pools, or fencing, for example) on your property.

You can verify our licensing and insurance status upon request. We have nothing to hide and are not offended when customers ask us to do this.

We can go through the process of obtaining local building and other permits necessary for your landscaping work so that you don't have to hassle with it. We are experienced at working with Orange County and local municipal governments in this way, as well as with boards and councils in neighboring California counties.

Also, we can locate utility lines for you to make sure they are not inadvertently damaged. And we always follow all local codes and safety regulations during every phase of our work.

We are a full service contractor and can handle every part of your landscaping design and installation. Take a look at our services pages and home page, and you will see that our expertise in the industry are truly comprehensive.

The Landscape Expert is truly a "one stop shop" for all your landscaping needs, be it lawn, trees, bushes, and plants, hardscapes, irrigation and drainage provisions, pools and pool surrounds, walkways, driveways, pergolas, gazebos, and more. Basically, anything that's under the rubric of "exteriors" (aside from the exterior of your building itself) - we do.

Yes, unlike many of our competitors, we also are adept at building you an edible garden. That includes helping you locate it well, building beds, walls, fences, and plant supports in it. And it also means we can do the first year's planting for you, if you wish.

If you want garden art, an automated garden watering, irrigation, and drainage system, or just need some good gardening advice - we can help you in all of those ways as well!

Indeed we can! Many in Orange County and Southern California love to golf, and they can't wait to always go to the golf course to get in a good game or at least some valuable practice time. We have installed putting greens on many residential and business properties in the region and can do the same for you.

Whether you want your putting green to be done in real grass or in artificial turf, we have the experience to do it right. And no matter how large or small you want your green or what decorative features you would like to have to enhance it - we can make it happen!

Few things liven up a landscape and make a yard more peaceful than can well designed water features. Essentially, we can install any type of water feature you can imagine. But, most commonly, we deal in fountains, streams, and koi ponds. Waterfalls and babbling brooks with rocky rapids are also very popular.

Water can sometimes be scarce in Southern California, and some local governments even put restrictions on water use during times of drought. Thus, we also make a point of enabling you to fully control the water flow of your water features and to turn them on or off as needed with ease.

Yes, we can also install outdoor lighting fixtures that will help bring your landscaping into full visibility - and give you the ability to make better use of it at night. Regardless of where you want lighting, what kind, or what kind of control mechanisms you wish to use with it, we can get it done.

Want to light a pathway, the back patio, the driveway, a front porch, or a pond or brook? That's no problem! And we can help you choose energy efficient and eco-friendly lighting fixtures and bulbs as well - including solar powered features!

There are many ways in which our staff can upgrade your landscaping so as to conserve more water. For example, we can put in drought resistant, local Southern California plants and decorative grasses. We could also cover all or part of your open walking spaces with artificial turf instead of real grass.

Additionally, more efficient placement of irrigation systems and sprinklers and the catching, storage, and use of rain water can also help. One of the best ways your yard can be eco-friendly is to reduce the amount of water it must consume to stay healthy year round.

Every project will vary in length from start to finish, based on the size, complexity, and intensity of the necessary labor to be done. Ordering in needed materials, products, and structures can sometimes affect the time table as well, as can the busyness level of the season, scheduling issues, and the weather patterns.

However, we can say in general that very small projects often take only a day or two, while average-sized projects often take around a week to complete, and larger landscaping jobs may even take two weeks or more in some instances. We work efficiently and get it done as fast as we can - but we never compromise on quality or do a "rush job."

Again, the cost of a landscaping project varies greatly based on its size and all it involves. But, in general, a full scale landscape renovation can cost around 10% to 15% of a home's total value. It may be more or less depending on how well manicured you want to make the finished product.

We give you a good, competitive, affordable price. We have local connections with suppliers that help us get discounts that we pass on to you. And we also can help you get financing, if necessary, so you can afford to upgrade your outdoor spaces earlier rather than later.

There is generally little that needs to be done to maintain most non-living landscaping elements - but we will give you a heads up on what may need to be done periodically even there. For the most part, maintenance and care concerns keeping grass, plants, flowers, gardens, and the fish in goldfish ponds alive and flourishing.

We understand that you will want to keep your new lawn and full landscape looking beautiful for years to come - not just for a few months after "renovation." Thus, our friendly staff will be careful to give you good plant care advice and to answer your questions.