At The Landscape Expert, we firmly believe that your outdoor spaces should receive no less high quality of construction, improvement, and care than your indoor areas. We have been "renovating" lots and transforming them into beautiful, usable "living spaces" for years, and that includes everything from turf to pools to pergolas. 

 Landscaping is more than just a trade, it's a true art. It takes a sense of symmetry and beauty, along with practical problem solving skills and creativity to consistently create "perfect landscapes" for client after client. But that's exactly what our staff at The Landscape Expert do again and again. Our high customer satisfaction rates and overwhelmingly positive online reviews speak for themselves.


Our Vision

 Professional landscaping is all about bringing each customer's vision for their lawn and whole lot into reality. Thus, our vision is to help you realize yours. 

 When we help homeowners improve their landscaping, we are accomplishing several things at once:

  • Making our clients more satisfied with their quality of life at their current residence and getting more value out of their property from day to day.
  • Upping the market value of the landscaped property. A "yard makeover" is a big selling point if you're planning on listing your home.
  • Creating curb appeal and generally beautifying the neighborhood in general.
  • Making Orange County more eco-friendly by making yard "greener" in two ways at once - adorned with natural greenery and less demanding on local water consumption.

 In general, we can say there are four major goals we concentrate on when inventing, recreating, or perfecting your landscaping - beauty, function, environmental friendliness, and integration of all landscape elements with each other and with the property's building.

What We Do

 But what elements go into transforming your yard and outdoor areas into all that you would like them to be? The full list would be too numerous to name them all - but suffice it to say that we "do" everything related to landscaping and improving all areas of your exterior property in a wide variety of ways.

 For example, we can cover your terrain with artificial turf to save you money on water and time and effort on yard maintenance, or, we can "install" a classic grassy lawn for you. We can plant trees, hedges, bushes, plants, flowers, and decorative grasses to edge out or fill up your spaces, and we can put in drought resistant and local Southern California plant life. 

 Additionally, we specialize in hardscapes like crushed stone, lava rocks, rustic wood beds, boulder piles, mulching, pebble pathways, colorful pavers, and more. And we can set up fountains, babbling brooks, koi ponds, and other water features for you as desired. 

 Erecting fencing for privacy and safety, building walled gardens with raised beds and garden art, constructing gazebos and pergolas, patios and decking, pools and surrounds, spas and jacuzzies, and outdoor steps and stairs are all included in what we do.

How We Save You Money

 You don't have to spend a fortune to beautify your landscape and to make your outdoors as pleasant and as practical as possible. There are a number of ways we work to save you money so you can afford to put your plan into action:

  1. Competitive pricing. The first and most obvious way we help you save is simply by giving you a fair, competitive price point and the maximum value for your dollar.
  2. True workmanship. By doing the job right and putting real quality into everything we do, you get longer durability out of it, which means you don't have to re-do your landscaping again anytime soon.
  3. Savings on materials. We have connections with local providers of raw landscaping materials and get sizable discounts which we pass on to our customers.
  4. We do it all. As the one stop shop for all your landscaping needs, we prevent your having to hire multiple contractors to accomplish your overall vision - and that saves you time, hassle, and money!
  5. Green savings. We help you save money on caring for your lawn in the future by how we set things up for you, plus, we can help you apply for any and all eco-related tax breaks and rebates your Earth friendly upgrades may qualify you for.

 There's no denying it - getting a great deal on a high-quality service or product is one of the best feelings you'll ever have. We leave our customers feeling that way again and again.

Why Choose Us?

 We have a consistent and longstanding reputation for excellence throughout Orange County and beyond. Our high work ethic and determination to 100% please each and every customer we serve are the backbone of our locally owned and operated landscaping company.

 Also, The Landscape Expert is not "one of those fly by night operations," but we have deep community ties, are 100% licensed and insured, and are staffed by people who live in the very communities we strive to improve. We always adhere to all government regulations and safety protocols and never take any unnecessary risks.

 Our staff is well trained and has decades of combined experience across the full gamut of landscaping service areas. We always have a true expert to assign to every task we undertake.

 We understand the local, Southern California climactic and flora zone and how terrain, weather, and specific species of plants will interact. We are eco-zone experts as well as landscape experts. We can customize for you an eco-friendly, cost-effective, durable, and beautiful landscape you will be proud of for many years to come!