Did you know that a well-furnished patio enhances the beauty of your home? Needless to say, it will also add value to your property. Building Outdoor kitchens and BBQs are among the many ways you can give life to your backyard. It will even look livelier if you decorated the areas around them. Nevertheless, you need a well thought out decorating plan if you are going to do this successfully. The Landscape Expert will help you install outdoor kitchens & barbecues and provide you with decorating ideas that will make your yard the most beautiful place in the neighborhood.

Serving the local area of Orange County for decades, the Landscape Expert has the experience of all the designs that will make your space captivating. We are familiar with any style you will want to use in your landscape.

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs

Outdoor cooking can be so much fun especially when you have installed an outdoor kitchen or a barbecue in your yard. First, you get to enjoy the fresh air and the breeze as you cook. In addition, you can chat with your guests as it is easier for them to give you company unlike in indoor kitchens. When you are not cooking, these places can be ideal spots to relax with your loved ones or entertain guests and friends.

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQ Designs 

A well-designed outdoor kitchen or a BBQ will motivate you to utilize this space more frequently, which in turn, maximizes your profit on the investment. It takes proper planning to achieve the best designs. The Landscape Expert has kitchen designers who possess the skills and originality to create plans that match with your yard. The experts put in mind all the important aspects that will result in a well-designed layout with high-quality standards. In addition, you can have a customized outdoor kitchen or BBQ where you get to choose the styling requirements. Even then, the kitchen designers will ensure you have a good movement space when installing your kitchen.

What You Should Know Before Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ

When designing an outdoor kitchen or a BBQ, there are some logistical choices you must put in mind. Unlike the indoor kitchen, you may not have the advantage of the ceiling and the walls. Thus, it is important you seek the input of a landscape expert to help you match the components of the outside surroundings and some good taste to make you enjoy the scenery. These are the factors you should consider for you to enjoy an outdoor cooking space.

  1. The location of your kitchen and BBQ

Your outdoor kitchen and BBQ should be easily accessible. Placing it just outside the house will be more convenient so that it is easier for you in case you want some ingredients from the main kitchen. You also have to consider the water supply. You can tap from your irrigation scheme as it is affordable or from the main kitchen. The direction of the wind is also important when choosing your kitchen location. You don’t want smoke getting into your eyes, inside the house or where the guests are seated when grilling your steak.

Consider also the beautiful views you will see when standing over the kitchen counter. Beautiful views are one of the many reasons we have outdoor kitchens so that you have your eyes entertained as you cook. Find the views your guests will also love when they visit your kitchen.

Finally, place your kitchen where there is a natural shade to protect you from the hot afternoon sun. You can make an artificial shade if you don’t have a natural one. You can also build an outdoor pavilion that will shield your guests in case of rain.

  1. The purpose of the kitchen and the BBQ

You have to consider how you and your family will be using these elements. You have to know how big they will be and on what occasions you will be using them. This will help the landscape expert build a kitchen that will cover all the needs you expect. Some people will want a design which includes a dining area that accommodates many guests while others will just want an intimate design. All these need to be put into account by the designer so the end results won’t disappoint. In addition, if you are often going to grill a lot of steaks and you will need space for large BBQ while vice versa is true. The most important thing is that you have an efficient operation and enough movement space.

  1. The kitchen plan

This is just like an indoor kitchen where you will need to have a place for storing foods and beverages, where you prepare your food, a cooking place, and a serving area. You will also need to clean the kitchen when done with cooking so you need a place you can store your detergents and cleaning supplies. You can also have a place where your guests will sit as they chat with the chefs. All these areas have to be placed strategically so that you can coordinate easily when planning to have guests. You will need space to move with ease from one area to another.

  1. Lighting

The working area needs to be illuminated. Decorative lights are also important as they provide visual interest. It is not easy lighting an outdoor kitchen. The fact that there is no ceiling and walls will need your expert designer to be inventive. You can build lights into backsplash and fix spotlights on a nearby post or your house. Luckily, modern grills have inbuilt lights thus you don’t stress in order to light around that area.

  1. Choose the right outdoor BBQs

The kind and size of the BBQ you pick for outdoor use will determine the design and size of the kitchen. Cheap BBQs may not be the best option to use in your outdoor kitchen because they are vulnerable harsh weather conditions. They can easily rust and break down any time you are grilling.

  1. The kitchen equipment you are going to have

It can be simple or luxurious equipment. You only need to be realistic about the type of accessories that will work best for you. The type and number of equipment you need will determine your outdoor kitchen size. It is best that you go for equipment that you will use on a regular basis so that you don’t spend much on you don’t need. For instance, decide how much food and drinks you will need to store so you don’t buy a bigger fridge than what is sufficient.

Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Design Ideas and Decorative Options

Outdoor Kitchen designs differ from one person to another depending on their needs and the surrounding environment. There are a number of captivating designs you can choose for your outdoor kitchen and blend in attractive décor to achieve a complete look.

  1. Contemporary design

Combine the stylish contemporary appearance with the delightful country house ambiance to have an extraordinary kitchen.  You can choose to have sleek or black upright sidings for the walls with polished finishes like stainless steel or granite. Below the sinks and countertops, you can have with wooden boards running horizontally or vertically with a shiny polish. Blend this with wooded backdrop such as chairs, a table, planter boxes etc. Reed roofing will provide sufficient shade at the same time not closing the space completely. Complete the look with vintage lamps hanged on the reed roof using sisal rope handles.

  1. Rustic design

This is characterized by dull finishes and texture that convey a rural look. You can have the floor tinted to resemble terra-cotta. The counter can have a rough-stone surface. The earthy will rhyme with the nearby plantings. Choose a dim wood ceiling and wicker chairs. A curved table with iron legs will match with the chairs. Hang a traditional chandelier on the ceiling which completes the rural look.

  1. Traditional design

A stone base of a mortared brick will work the magic. This conveys a classic yet so old-fashioned look. To blend it with the house, select a material of your own choice and design. You may choose to create a brick pattern that will rhyme with your chimney or your walls.

  1. Shaded kitchen design

If you live in the part of the region with unpredictable weather then this design is ideal for you. You can design it such that it is possible to close the door of the kitchen when it rains or when the wind becomes unbearable. Create sleek upright shades that match with the walls to look like a modern kitchen design.

  1. Rural BBQ Station

You can design this for any type of grill. The BBQ is placed at the center with sufficient counter spaces on either side. Put loaded rough stones on the sides and the floors should be of bare wood. Build the walls with planks of papyrus reed or wood pergola. All these express the rustic coarse and shady atmosphere.

Why You Should Have an Outdoor Kitchen and a BBQ

Outdoor Kitchens and BBQs come with a lot of benefits, no wonder they are the modern trend of landscape designs and everyone is yearning to have one. If you haven’t considered building or installing one at your backyard then these benefits should help you change your mind.

  1. Numerous design options

You will have a variety of design options to incorporate into the design of your outdoor kitchen. The options are only restricted by your budget, thus, you can choose to have as many accessories as possible to make your kitchen more elegant and attractive from afar. For example, you can choose to have a chiller, a fridge, counters, and sinks then decorate the space around your kitchen with décor of your choosing.

  1. Easy cleanup

When you have a big BBQ in your indoor kitchen, cleaning can be tricky as the mess can spill on to other kitchen equipment. With an outdoor kitchen, however, cleaning is easy as there is enough space around your BBQ with not so much nearby appliances that can get messy. In addition, instead of carrying your dishes to the main kitchen to clean after clearing the guests’ table, it is much more convenient to use an outdoor sink. Grills are made of stainless steel, a material that is very easy to clean.

  1. They reduce your home expenditure

You will not spend so much electricity or gas on since you will be using propane or a charcoal BBQ for most of the cooking. Also, some foods that take long to cook will only increase the bills when using electricity and gas. For instance roasting chicken. Using a charcoal grill helps save on such bills.

  1. They are a perfect spot for entertaining a large number of guests

It can be difficult using an indoor kitchen to cook for many guests because of limited space. However, with outdoor kitchens, there will ample space to store, prepare and cook food. Depending on the size of your kitchen, it can also accommodate large appliances which can cook more food at once s you don’t have to cook in shifts. After cooking is done you can relax with your guests outdoors chatting all day long.

  1. Perfect place to relax

After a long day’s work, outdoor kitchens can serve as a perfect spot to pass the evening with your family. You can watch the beautiful sight from the kitchen window, or read your favorite novel. During the afternoon when the sun is hot, and the temperature is unbearable inside the house, this is the ideal place to find a cool breeze as it is always under a shade.

Finding a Landscape Expert Near Me

If you own a home with an open backyard space, it is about time you put that space into good use. An outdoor kitchen and a BBQ will remind you of what you have been missing. For residents of Orange County, the Landscape Expert is happy to help. We have the knowledge and experience of what will look good on your backyard, and our designers will deliver high-quality results. Call us at 714-855-3479 and let us know what you need.